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Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Center is a leading advisory firm in the field of foreign direct investment (FDI). We specialize in the attraction of FDI by investment promotion agencies, other government agencies and industrial parks from all parts of the world. FDI Center is the foremost source of knowledge and practical advice related to all aspects of FDI attraction.

We have worked with countries, regions, cities and private-sector organizations from around the world to develop and implement successful strategies and methods for attracting foreign investment. We know how intensely locations compete to attract investment. We can draw on our experience to help you increase your performance in attracting and maximizing the benefits of foreign direct investment to your location.

Our website is expanding along with our firm, so please visit us frequently to find out more about our activities, insights and how we can assist you.

Our Experience

The FDI Center provides practical support with key aspects of foreign
investment attraction. We can help you improve your performance
and achieve results in the following areas:


A sound strategy is the foundation for successful FDI attraction and provides the direction for all your activities to identify, engage with and successfully attract foreign investors.We can work with you to develop strategies related to all important aspects of your investment attraction activities, including facilitation, marketing, aftercare and go-to-market plans for international business attraction. The strategies that we develop are designed to have an immediate impact on the performance of your agency or organization and take into consideration the resources, political environment and other factors affecting your performance.


Investment promotion agencies need to continuously evaluate their own performance and compare their performance and operations with other agencies from around the world.We can work with you to determine the key performance indicators and data that most accurately reflect your agency’s performance. We can also benchmark your agency with competitors as well as best practice organizations in all relevant areas in order to assess your performance and identify opportunities for improvement.


Finding and retaining the right professionals can be difficult given the specialized requirements and challenges of foreign direct investment attraction.Employee turnover in the investment promotion field is also very high, making it even more important to recruit and retain the right individuals. We can help you define and achieve your recruitment objectives by determining the roles and skills you need in your organization and identifying candidates that meet your requirements. Contact us directly for a confidential discussion of your recruiting needs.


Foreign direct investment is a highly complex and dynamic field. Investment promotion professionals require a range of skills to be competitive and need to keep up to date with a rapidly changing market.We provide training to equip investment attraction professionals with the knowledge and capabilities they need to operate and compete effectively. Our training is practical and provides skills that can immediately be applied in the workplace. We offer training for all levels of experience, from introductory courses for professionals that are new to investment attraction to highly specialized coaching for experienced FDI executives.

Find out more about the training that we are currently running in collaboration with the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA). Link


Government budgets for foreign direct investment attraction are limited and agencies are expected to deliver results. An effective organizational structure allows you to make the most of available resources.We can help you structure your agency as efficiently as possible, determine the focus of different units or individuals within the agency, allocate resources to the most effective use and identify opportunities for partnering with other organizations to add to your agency’s resources. Our support includes creating a new agency, reorganizing an existing agency, coordinating with agencies at other geographic levels and developing an approach for partnering with private and public-sector organizations.


Thousands of locations around the world compete for the attention of decision makers. Marketing can help you stand out from the crowd and generate awareness of your location’s strengths.Marketing plays a key role in raising awareness of your location and positioning it to potential investors based on specific advantages and attributes. We can work with you to define the key benefits of your location for selected target groups as well as the most effective channels for communicating these benefits. We can also help you to design and develop content for essential marketing tools, including your website, sector brochures and presentations and press materials.

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